Friday, 15 December 2017

In 1977 two political parties ASP and TANU unite together to form a single political party known as “CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI (CCM)”.

In the CCM constitution, section 87 it was stipulated that there will be five party wings in the form of organizations among them is JUWATA whose responsibilities besides trade union activities included to advocate in favour of the party’s policy of socialism and self reliance. Thus since then to accept reluctantly the formation of JUWATA in order to fulfill the constitutional obligation of CCM and from that time Trade Union surfaced again in Zanzibar through the different form under the umbrella of CCM.

The two Governments set in motion the process of democratization in every sector of life and workers seized the opportunity to recognize their labour movement.

In order to transform the labour movement and allow such changes, a constituent congress was held in September, 1991 and formalized the establishment of the organization of Tanzania Trade Unions (OTTU). It was later backed up for its legal existence by an Act of Parliament known as OTTU Act of 1991 and OTTU was given legal mandate in Zanzibar by the Act of the House of Representatives and become nationally embracing Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

In 1998 the Tanzania Parliament passed a trade union Act of 1998 that allowed the registration of unions and Federations and ending the life long marriage between the workers of Tanzania mainland and those of Zanzibar.

Under the pretext that labour issues are not accommodated in union matters. In the same time the Zanzibar Houses of Representatives enacted the Zanzibar Trade Union Act no 4 of 2001 which allowed registration of trade unions in the isles and from that time trade unions have been registered and on 5th April, 2003 seven unions came together to form the Zanzibar Trade Union Congress (ZATUC). These were TUICO(Z), ZATU, RAAWU(Z), ZALGWU, TASU(Z), ZUPHE and COTWU(ZNZ) and other two trade unions joined the congress latter which are ZPAWU and ZATHOCODAWU.

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