Friday, 15 December 2017

The Zanzibar Trade Union Congress (ZATUC) is the onlyTrade union National center in Zanzibar which was established in 2002 under the Trade Union Act, No. 4 of 2001. It was registered on 23rd December, 2003 with registration number A 011.  ZATUC is currently a federation of 9 Affiliated sectoral Trade Unions, namely:

1.CHODAWU-Z Zanzibar conservation , hotel, Domestic and allied workers Union
2.ZAFICOWU Zanzibar Financial Institutions and Commercial workers Union
3.COTWU(ZNZ) Zanzibar Communication and transport Workers Union,
4.TUICO(Z) Zanzibar Union of Industrial and commercial Workers,
5.ZUPHE    Zanzibar Union for Public and Health employees   
6.TEWUTA-Z Zanzibar Telecommunication Workers Union
7.ZAPSWU Zanzibar Public Sector Workers Union
8.ZASU    Zanzibar Seafarers Union
9.ZATU    Zanzibar Teachers Union,

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